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Personalized Horseshoe 6th Anniversary gift 11th Anniversary gift

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Brand: generic


  • Hand stamped horseshoe

Details: Personalized Horseshoe for 6th Anniversary and 11th Anniversary The Offer: This offer is for one horseshoe with the name of your choice. Comes with a pair of horseshoe nails for mounting. The Process: Made from new horseshoes, I heat them up in my forge and stamp your name on them with 1/4 lettering. Count up the total number of characters you wish stamped and select that option. If you look at the photo example, that would be 25 characters. If you wish it in more then one line, please let me know by message. PLEASE DO NOT USE MORE THEN ONE LINE ON THE OPTIONS. Note: THIS ITEM IS NOT RETURNABLE.


United States 7-10 Business Days

Canada 7-10 Business Days

United Kingdom 7-10 Business Days

Rest of World 10-15 Business Days

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