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ACNH: Bells,Nook Miles Tickets, DIY,Villager 24 Hour Fast Delivery (999,999,999 ABD Bells)

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Author: guojie

Brand: Calonia


  • Welcome to the EP store, you can buy the following items or customize your order (other games are also ok)
  • What is 999,999,999 bells?
  • This order requires you to come to my island to complete
  • When the order is completed, all bells will be on your ABD
  • I really hope you can understand. We have time difference, but I can also deliver goods to you online all day

Details: Welcome to Xingsui Store:
First of all, thank you for reading.We're online all day, so you can order directly if you need to

We will use gold ore instead of bell money. If you sell gold ore to the tancat shop, you can get the bell money for the order (do not sell it to the outside recycling box).

The item you need is not on the title? You can talk to me what do you need, you can get everything from me

I will reply you as soon as I receive the email. Amazon sometimes delays sending emails. I hope we can understand each other

Instructions: Please Send Me A Message With Your Island Name And Dodo Code So I Can Join Your Island For The Trade!
1. Go To Dodo Airlines (South Part Of The Map By The Coast) Advance Your Game Time By A Day If You Just Started The Game. (Needs To Be Day 2 Or later)
2. Select "I Want Visitors"
3. Select "Via Online Play"
4. Select "Invite Via Dodo Code"
5. Select "The More The Merrier"
6. Select "Yeah Invite Anyone" So You Are Given Your Dodo Code
7. Message Me With Your Dodo Code And Island Name So I Know I Am Going To The Right Island.

EAN: 0767392599368


United States 7-10 Business Days

Canada 7-10 Business Days

United Kingdom 7-10 Business Days

Rest of World 10-15 Business Days

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