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Healing Stones for You

Cancer Zodiac Crystals with Handmade Hexagon Wood Dish and Aquamarine, Fire Agate, Honey Calcite, and Moonstone

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Brand: Healing Stones for You

Color: Multi

Details: We’ve hand selected 4 Large Crystals (Aquamarine, Fire Agate, Honey Calcite, and Moonstone) that resonate with the Zodiac sign of Cancer. You can use your Crystals together or separately, and when not in use, you can store them in the Pouch, or display them in this Cancer Zodiac dish.
This Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set comes with a handmade, Mini Hexagon Dish, made of natural Poplar Wood, that has a laser-engraved, Cancer Zodiac symbol. This 4″ Mini Dish is the perfect size to store your Crystals anywhere (office desk, night stand, coffee table, etc.)
This Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set also comes in our Cotton Muslin Drawstring Pouch, with a description card on the healing properties of the Crystals, as well as instructions on how to clear and program your Crystals.
Cancer Crystal Properties:
Aquamarine: Helps to show you what is important and what can be ignored
Fire Agate: Helps promote inner security
Moonstone: A stone of new beginnings. Helps harness your intuition and keeps you emotionally balanced
Honey Calcite: Ignites your creativity and power of manifestation
Color: Multi
Dish Measurement: approx. 4″ W
Crystal Measurements: Large (.75” to 1.25”)
Each Crystal in this Zodiac Set has been hand-selected, cleansed, and charged, by a Crystal Reiki Master, so it arrives ready to be used for your highest good.
Please expect color, pattern and size differences due to the fact that these are natural Crystals and no two are alike. Please allow for color and pattern differences in the wood grain of the Dish.


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