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Orgone Pyramid for Positive Energy, Crystals Pyramid & Healing Stones, Protection Crystals Energy Generator for Stress Reduce Healing Meditation Attract Wealth Lucky (Tai Chi)

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  • 【Healing Crystal Pyramid】: Healing crystals has spiritual and functional properties that can enhance well-being. Made with natural crystals and healing stones like amethyst and obsidian, this orgone pyramid can balance energy flow, stimulate mental growth, and promote spiritual protection. it's perfect for yoga, meditation, healing, and enhancing your overall well-being.
  • 【Meditation Pyramid】: Healing crystals features a natural amethyst ball, known as the "spiritual energy crystal." amethyst is closely associated with the third eye chakra and crown chakra, making it for spiritual healing. Organite stimulates the brain, enhances creativity, and nourishes the nervous system, orgonite pyramids helps to release stress and negative energy, while promoting calm and relaxation.
  • 【Cleans Body Energy System】: Orgone generator is made of amethyst, obsidian, copper, golden leaf, and natural resin. The copper wire spiral structure directs and amplifies energy flow, while the glass casing protects from negative energy. Pyramid crystal creates a positive energy field that promotes emotional balance and clears negative energy. Healing crystal pyramid is the perfect tool for spiritual healing and protection.
  • 【Portable & Easy to Use】: Crystal pyramid is lightweight, the pyramid measures about 2.36in x 2.36in x 2.55in, it easy to carry anywhere for use during yoga, meditation, or at work. Orgone energy pyramid is a versatile tool that can help you clear negative energy and focused wherever you go.
  • 【Great Gift Idea】: Energy pyramid is a thoughtful and unique gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or christmas. Healing stones is also an excellent decorative item that can enhance any space, from your desk, living room, bedroom, office to bookshelf. With this pyramid, your loved ones can enjoy a positive atmosphere wherever they are.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: our Orgone Pyramid - a unique, handmade piece that promotes healing, balance, and protection. It combines natural minerals, metal shavings, and resin to produce a positive, revitalizing influence on its surroundings. Its blend of crystal, metal, and resin works to absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, creating a harmonious environment. Each Orgone Pyramid contains a variety of natural minerals, including amethyst, obsidian, and copper, each with its unique energetic properties. Amethyst is associated with spiritual awareness, calming energy, and peace of mind. Obsidian is known for its grounding properties, which can help to alleviate stress and promote healing. Copper is a highly conductive metal that promotes the flow of energy and enhances intuition. Our Orgone Pyramid is perfect for use during meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice, as it helps to promote clarity and focus. It can also be used to clear negative energy from electronics and protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMF), a form of energy emitted by electronic devices that can disrupt the natural flow of energy in our bodies. In addition to its spiritual benefits, our Orgone Pyramid is a stunning and unique piece of art that adds beauty and elegance to any room. Its compact size makes it perfect for use in your home, office, or car.

Package Dimensions: 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches


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