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Healing Stones for You

Psychic Gifts Mini Crystal Grid Set with Bloodstone, Amazonite, and Prehnite

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Brand: Healing Stones for You

Color: Multi


  • Handmade in the USA
  • 13 Crystals + Your choice of Color Grid Card or Wood Grid
  • Reiki Charged

Details: This Psychic Gifts Mini Crystal Grid Set includes your choice of a handmade, laser engraved Sacred Geometry Grid Board, (made of natural Poplar Wood), or a custom-designed, Color Grid Card, and 13 Crystals that will help develop your Psychic Gifts.
Our Mini Crystal Grid Boards and Cards are 5 to 6 inches in diameter, making them the perfect size to be used anywhere (office desk, night stand, coffee table, etc.)
This Psychic Gifts Mini Crystal Grid Set includes:
1 – Bloodstone Pyramid Center Crystal
6 – XS/Small Amazonite Crystals
6 - XS/Small Prehnite Crystals
1 - Crystal Properties Card
1 - Sheet of Crystal placement and activation directions
Your choice of (choose from dropdown):
* 6-inch Wood Grid Board (your choice of Sacred Geometry Design)
* 5-inch Color Grid Card (your choice of Sacred Geometry Design)
Crystal Properties:
Bloodstone: Believed to have mystical and magical properties. Heightens intuition and helps direct spiritual energies.
Amazonite: Opens the third eye and hones your intuition.
Prehnite: Enhances precognition and inner knowing. Shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth.
Approximate Measurements:
Center Pyramid: 98″ W
Grid Crystals: XS to Small (.50″ to .75″ W)
Wood Grid Board: 6″ W
Color Grid Card: 5″ W
* Please expect color, pattern and size differences due to the fact that these are natural Crystals and no two are alike. Please allow for color and pattern differences in the wood grain of the Grid Board.


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